2017 Women in Soccer Conference

Inspire Generations: Play, Coach, Lead
2017 Women in Soccer Conference

The soccer community needs more strong, skilled women in leadership roles – and this unique conference was created with that in mind! 

If you’re interested in unique networking opportunities, gaining new certification as a coach or referee, or honing your skills as an already active coach, referee or leader in the soccer community, this weekend will have so much to offer you.

We’ve lined up a passionate and inspiring group of facilitators to lead the weekend’s sessions, including:

  • Keynote: Lorraine Lafreniere, Chief Executive Officer, Coaching Association of Canada
  • Bev Preistman, the Womens’ EXCEL Director for Canada Soccer 14-U17, Head Coach U17 team
  • Carmelina Moscato, who has played with the Canadian Women’s National soccer team since 2002 and won the bronze medal with the team at the London 2012 Olympic games. She is also currently an assistant coach with the Canada Soccer Women’s EXCEL U15 and U17 teams.
  • Michelle Pye, one of only seven international soccer referees in Canada. She reached FIFA status in 2007 and was named to the List of Officials at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada.
  • Dr. Cari Din, a dynamic leadership expert and Olympic medalist

You can learn more or register for this one-of-a-kind, all female, developmental weekend, taking place in Red Deer on May 5-7, HERE and discover answers to some FAQs HERE.

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Inspire Generations: Play, Coach, Lead

women-soccerThe Alberta Soccer Association Development of Women in Soccer Committee was established in December of 2012 and currently consists of 9 talented, diverse and passionate female members from all over the province. These 9 women represent every facet of soccer including coaches, referees, players, administrators and parents.

Did You Know?

  • Women make up less than 30% of Coaching Course Registrants at all levels of coaching in Alberta
  • In 2013-14,  females made up only 27% of Registered Referees in the province

Time to Take Action

The Development of Women in Soccer Committee’s mandate is to promote, support and increase the numbers of female soccer participants: in leadership roles and as players, coaches, and referees.

Committee Members

Annette Cameron – Chair  Airdrie

Pearl Doupe  Calgary

Jacquie Hertlein   Calgary

Allison Preston  Lethbridge

Anne Speers  Edmonton

Ilsa Wong  Lethbridge

Kayla Wurzer  Lethbridge

Kathryn McNeil  ASA BOD Liason

Carmen Charron  ASA Staff Support

“Coaching is both demanding and rewarding. An enormous amount of time and energy is committed to studying the game, preparing the athletes, coaching in the competitions and mentoring the participants in sport and life.
Likewise, coaching affords the honour of seeing children and youth develop courage, confidence and competence through sport. Boys and girls are better served by having men and women as their coaches. Yet, while there are many women coaches at the grassroots level, that number decreases as the level of knowledge, competition and commitment increases. We must all work to reduce barriers and increase opportunities for women to coach, referee and lead as they have much to offer our communities.”
Dr. Mary Dyck, Past Chair, DWSC Leadership Subcommittee

Dr. Mary Dyck, Past DWSC Leadership Subcommittee Chair and Coach

May 5 -7 , 2017

Red Deer College,Red Deer, AB

Register for the 2017 Women in Soccer Conference today – click here!

The 2016 Women in Soccer Conference was held on April 9th, 2016 in Calgary. Over 30 women attended the conference and attended the CAAWS Work-Life Balance Workshop and one of:

  • FIRST Referee Session
  • Coach/Player Panel
  • CAAWS Networking Session

The 2015 Women in Soccer Conference was held on June 6th and 7th, 2015 in Edmonton. Over 40 women attended the conference and registered in one of:

  • FUNdamentals Coaching Course
  • Entry Level Referee Course
  • CAAWS Leadership Workshops

Speakers included Vicki Harber from Canadian Sport for Life, Karin Lofstrom, Executive Director of CAAWS and Mayi Cruz Blanco, the Women’s Football Development Manager for FIFA. Participants also received tickets for the record setting opening matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015.

“Discrimination still an issue in Women’s Football” (Al Jazeera)

Honourary Members of the Women’s Committee

Erin McLeod (Canadian Women’s National Team Goalkeeper)

“Developing female coaches and players is essential to soccer in Canada. The women’s program is one of the most competitive in the world and in order for us to continue to rise to the top it starts from the grassroots level.
More women who have an understanding of the game early on will not only make them better coaches but players as well. Growing up in Alberta all of my coaches were male and naturally I started to trust men more in the soccer world. Tracy David was my first female coach and to this day she made one of the biggest impacts on my life because I started to believe, as a woman, i could accomplish all of my dreams. With all of the women’s national team successes it proves we are capable of not only setting a standard domestically but internationally. Girls that have strong female role models, and coaches, opens their eyes to possibility; they can play professionally, or like previous FIFA coach of the year, Swedish Pia Sundhage, they can lead a team to a gold medal.”

Sheena Dickson (FIFA Referee)

“As the game grows, the need for officials does as well. From my experience, there is a lot of opportunity for female officials to move up and learn what it takes to get to the National and International stage. It does take a lot of blood, sweat and even some tears. However when you reach your goal, it is all worthwhile. Even if you do not aspire to become a FIFA Referee or Assistant Referee, refereeing is a great way to stay involved, at all levels of this wonderful game we all love. “After each game, I want to be able to say: I gave it all I could, I gave it my best – unknown”