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Frequently Asked Coaching Questions

Coach Management System

How do I search and register for a coaching workshop in Alberta?

  • All clinic registration in Alberta is done via our online Registration Portal.
  • To access the system you will need to set up an user account.
  • To search and register for a coaching clinic, please CLICK HERE and login to our system.

I forgot my  Goalline Login.

  • In order to login to Goalline you have to use your first name, last name, date of birth and unique access code. If you forget your access code please click on Retrieve You Access Code. You will type in your personal information and your code will be sent to your email.

I forgot to register. What happens if I show up on a clinic and I am not registered?

  • All participants are required to register themselves before the clinic via the Goalline Registration Portal.
  • Once registered the Host will process your registration providing you with your registration status in Goalline.
  • If approved your status will say “Accepted”. If not your status will say “Refused.”
  • If there is space available and you register online onsite with Host acceptance you may attend.
  • Learning Facilitators do not accept walk-ins.

What happens if I miss part of a workshop or course?

  • Participants are required to attend coaching programs in their entirety – There are no make ups.
  • If you miss a portion you must start again at the beginning.

Tools and Resources

How do I obtain my completion certificate?

  • Community Workshop Certificates are accessible by logging into the ASA Goalline Registration Portal.
  • Once the workshop has been processed and closed a printable copy will be accessible under “Registration History”.

Where can I find the Community Workshop Coaching resources?

  • You can find workshop specific material by logging into your Goalline account.
  • The resources are located under “Course Materials.”
  • Only certified coaches will have access to these resources.

What do I do if I suspect that a player has a concussion?

  • Alberta Soccer has produced a Concussion Policy & Protocol resource to aid Alberta Soccer members in recognizing and responding to concussions under the direction of the Alberta Concussion Alliance

Make Ethical Decisions

MED-moduleWhat is MED?

  • MED training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.
  • By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety.
  • MED is a separate module from the soccer-specific workshops enabling the coach to complete on his/her own time.

Does Alberta Soccer offer MED Training?

Do I need to complete MED to become a Trained or Certified Coach?

  • Yes. MED is a National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP) training requirement for all coaches wanting to complete their program.
  • MED is also an NCCP requirement for coaches engaged in certification programs such as the Provincial C and B License Awards.

How do I complete the Make Ethical Decisions Module?

  • MED needs to be completed one time only.
  • The MED module consists of a training workshop and an online evaluation with the evaluation included in the workshop fees.
  • The training workshop can be completed in-class or by home-study – an online version is not available at this time.
  • The evaluation is completed online via The Locker and is included in the workshop fees.
  • Once coaches have completed the MED training and it appears on their NCCP transcript, they will have unlimited attempts at the MED evaluation (Competition-Introduction).
  • Coaches may also choose to proceed directly to the MED evaluation without taking any training, however, the fee rises when choosing this route.
  • Coaches who bypass the training workshop will have two (2) attempts at passing the evaluation. If after two attempts they have not received a passing grade of 75%, coaches will be required to register for MED training prior to attempting the on-line evaluation.

What MED Online Evaluation Version do I need to complete my program?

  • There are three evaluation versions online.
  • Soccer coaches must complete the “Competition–Introduction” version.

Is there a cost to complete MED?

Yes. Please contact the Coaches Association of Canada and/or Alberta Sport Connection for pricing.

Coaching Requirements

I completed coaching clinics in the old NCCP Community Coach Program. Are they still valid?

Yes, you have not lost any qualifications. Although there is no grandfathering currently setup, Alberta Soccer currently recognizes both old and new NCCP Community Coach training.

What qualifications do I need to be eligible to coach at Provincial Championships?

One staff member from each team involved in Provincial Championships must fulfill the coaching requirements for the appropriate level as per the chart below:

Competition Coaching Requirement
U14, U16, and U18 Tier I Full Community Coach Certificate OR Soccer for Life Trained
U14, U16 and U18 Tiers II-IV Community Coach Senior OR Soccer for Life Trained
U12 Tiers I-IV Community Coach Youth OR Learn to Train OR Soccer For Life

*Note: While not required for all Competitions, Alberta Soccer recommends all coaches complete the Make Ethical Decisions module.

How do I check my coaching training and certification status?

  • PTS Tech has been tracking all training and certification in Alberta since early 2013.
  • All coach data was imported into our new Goalline registration system in September 2016.
  • You can view your training and certification history in your Goalline profile.
  • Goalline Data updates are automated upon workshop or course completion and processing.
  • For National B or A License certification status, Canadian Soccer holds records of these coaches on their Status Check.
  • Status Check data data is periodically uploaded into Goalline only for existing account holders.
  • Alberta Soccer uploads coaching data into The Locker (NCCP Database) using an automated process.
  • Alberta Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching numbers or provide access to The Locker.
  • For access to The Locker please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts.

The Locker

The Locker and the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP)

What is The Locker?

  • the-lockerThe Locker is the online NCCP database and e-learning portal available to all multi-sport coaches across Canada.
  • Multi-sport coach training and certification records such as MED are stored in The Locker.
  • Alberta Soccer uploads soccer-specific coaching data into The Locker using an automated process.
  • Alberta Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching numbers or provide access to The Locker.
  • For access to The Locker please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts.


I don’t know my NCCP number. How can I get it?

  • Go to The Locker at www.coach.ca and follow the prompts to recover your CC Number.

How do I check my coach training and certification status?

  • Alberta Soccer uploads coaching data into The Locker (NCCP Database) using an automated process. This data appears on your Locker Transcript (printable).
  • Alberta Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching numbers or provide access to The Locker.
  • For access to The Locker please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts.

Why doesn’t my coaching license information show up on my transcript?

  • Provincial B-License, National B-License, and A-License programs are not NCCP aligned therefore these programs are not recorded in The Locker currently.

Equivalency and Exemptions

How do I apply for Canadian Equivalency if I have coaching qualifications from abroad?

  • Equivalency is a Canada Soccer responsibility. You may apply for foreign certification equivalency with Canada Soccer by CLICKING HERE.

Can I receive exemption based upon my playing experience?

  • There are currently no exemptions to this effect, however, prospective coaches with strong playing backgrounds may apply for direct entry to the Provincial C-Licence.

Database Errors

How do I report an error in the Alberta Soccer Coach Database?
If your records cannot be found OR there is an error on the Alberta Soccer data base with regard to your coach training or certification, then take these steps:
1. Cross-reference your NCCP data records in the NCCP database via The Locker.
2. Forward by email your CC Number , and/or copies of completion certificates to coaching@albertasoccer.com
3. In your email be very clear about reporting your error (I.E.) State the specific error and what records are missing