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The Championships are organized as follows:

  • Servus Credit Union Youth Indoor Provincials
  • Senior Indoor Provincials
  • Servus Credit Union Youth Outdoor Provincials
  • Senior SoccerFest

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Provincial Championships Questions

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Alberta Soccer’s Provincial Championships are organized into five separate competitions which take place on an annual basis. The Provincial Championships represent the pinnacle of every club’s soccer season.

2017 Provincial Dates

Youth Tier IV City Outdoor:  July 21-23

Youth Tier II, III & U12 Tier I Outdoor:  August 11-13

Youth Indoor: March 17-19

Senior Indoor: March 24-26

Youth Tier IV Rural Outdoor:  July 7-9

Youth Tier I to Nationals and U14/U16/U18 Tier 1:  August 24-27

Senior SoccerFest:  September 1-4