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If you’re currently NOT coaching…

If you would like to get involved in coaching because you either have an interest in the game or you want to coach your own child, contact your local soccer association. To find your local soccer association, click here.

If you’re new to coaching and would like to gain some basic knowledge and tools…

If you are new to coaching and would like to receive coaching education, attending a community coach workshop is the place to start. Find out which workshop is for you, dependent on the age and stage you’re coaching – click here. You may also wish to begin in the Licensing Stream with a C Licence – click here for info about the C Licence.

Visit the Canada Soccer website for information about the Coach Education Licence Renewal Process – click here.
Please view the Provincial Rule Book here to determine the coaching requirements for the various Provincial Championships.
  • In early 2019, Alberta Soccer began the transition from Goalline to The Locker (through the Coaching Association of Canada). This move will streamline the coach certification process for coaches. Coaches now can find all of their workshops reflected within their NCCP transcript.
  • For National B or A License certification status, Canadian Soccer holds records of these coaches on their Status Check.
  • Alberta Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching numbers or provide access to The Locker.
  • For access to The Locker please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts.
Equivalency is a Canada Soccer responsibility. You may apply for foreign certification equivalency with Canada Soccer by CLICKING HERE.
There are currently no exemptions to this effect. However, prospective coaches with strong playing backgrounds may apply for direct entry to the Provincial C-Licence.

Coach Developers (CD’s) play a key role in the Coaching Pathway. They take on the responsibility for training and developing coaches who are looking to enhance their own individual experience and qualifications through the formal training and certification programs. The Alberta Soccer Coach Education Department trains, qualifies and supports CD’s who understand and support Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) – the underpinning principles of player and coaching development in Canada.

To qualify for this training, candidates must currently be an Alberta Soccer Coach Developer, or be certified at a minimum of the Provincial B Licence level. In special circumstances, coaches that are C Licence Trained or Certified will be considered for coach developer training.

For more information and to register, please email the Coach Education Department.

Click here to view a tutorial video on how to register for a coaching workshop and to view the list of available workshops.

All participants are required to register themselves before the clinic. Learning Facilitators do not accept walk-ins.
Once coaches complete both the Online Theory component and the On Field component they will receive credit in their NCCP Transcripts
Participants are required to attend coaching programs in their entirety – there are no make ups. If you miss a portion you must start again at the beginning.
If your records cannot be found OR there is an error on the Alberta Soccer database with regard to your coach training or certification, then take these steps:

  1. Cross-reference your NCCP data records in the NCCP database via The Locker.
  2. Forward by email your CC Number , and/or copies of completion certificates to
  3. In your email, be clear about reporting your error (I.E.) State the specific error and what records are missing


Please note that Alberta Soccer is currently in the process of updating its Coach Education platform. Once this process is finalized, and you complete a coaching course, you will receive access to the coaching resources. If you have any questions regarding this in the meantime, please email the Coach Education department (updated January 29, 2019)
Canada Soccer has produced a Concussion Policy resource to aid members in recognizing and responding to concussions – click here to view this Policy. We also recommend keeping a copy of the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool. If you are a Coach looking to take a course on concussion management, we recommend the Making Headway Concussion eLearning Session from 

IFBA has produced the 2019-20 Laws of the Game which has several updates – click here to view the full booklet

The Locker is the online NCCP database and e-learning portal available to all multi-sport coaches across Canada.

  • Multi-sport coach training and certification records such as MED are stored in The Locker.
  • Alberta Soccer uploads soccer-specific coaching data into The Locker using an automated process.
  • Alberta Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching numbers or provide access to The Locker.
  • For access to The Locker please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts.
Alberta Soccer uploads coaching data into The Locker (NCCP Database) using an automated process. This data appears on your Locker Transcript (printable). Alberta Soccer does not issue nor track NCCP coaching numbers or provide access to The Locker. For access to The Locker please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts. Watch a quick video tutorial below

Provincial B-License, National B-License, and A-License programs are not NCCP aligned therefore these programs are not recorded in The Locker currently.
MED training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport. By successfully completing the Make Ethical Decisions (MED) training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety. MED is a separate module from the soccer-specific workshops enabling the coach to complete on his/her own time.
No. MED is offered through the Coaches Association of Canada and administerd in Alberta by Alberta Sport Connection
Yes. MED is a National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP) training requirement for all coaches wanting to complete their program. MED is also an NCCP requirement for coaches engaged in certification programs such as the Provincial C and B License Awards.

Watch this tutorial video

MED needs to be completed one time only. The MED module consists of a training workshop and an online evaluation with the evaluation included in the workshop fees. The training workshop can be completed in-class or by home-study – an online version is not available at this time. The evaluation is completed online via The Locker and is included in the workshop fees. Once coaches have completed the MED training and it appears on their NCCP transcript, they will have unlimited attempts at the MED evaluation (Competition-Introduction). Coaches may also choose to proceed directly to the MED evaluation without taking any training, however, the fee rises when choosing this route. Coaches who bypass the training workshop will have two (2) attempts at passing the evaluation. If after two attempts they have not received a passing grade of 75%, coaches will be required to register for MED training prior to attempting the on-line evaluation.

There are three evaluation versions online. Soccer coaches must complete the “Competition–Introduction” version.
The Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Coach Program educates youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants (14-years and up) to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD).

One of the most common reasons coaches, managers, officials and athletes, of all ages, cite for leaving sport is unacceptable parent behaviour. The Respect in Sport Parent Program will help define a standard of behaviour for all parents and create a more rewarding, safe and respectful environment for everyone involved. Parents want to do a great job supporting their kids. Respect in Sport provides parents with the tools to do just that.

Click here to visit the Respect in Sport site and to find additional information

No. The course is offered through the Respect in Sport Group and can be accessed through the following links: Parent Program OR Activity Leader Program 
The Activity Leader Program costs $30+tax per leader and the Parent Program costs $12+tax per family

If you are a district or club wishing to check a coaches NCCP transcript held with the Coaches Association of Canada please view this brief tutorial.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered above, please email the Coach Education department