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Alberta Soccer List of Licensed Coaches

Please note that this page will be updated bi-annually in November and June. If you have a question about a coach on the lists below please contact Jim Loughlin, Manager of Coach Education

Pre B Certified Coaches

Pre B was run prior to 2014. The Pre B course will be phased out as of 2017. Coaches who have successfully completed the Pre B assessment will be able to enter the Provincial B License program directly. If by 2017, they have not successfully completed the B License, they will have to apply for and complete the Provincial C License program.

Click here to view a list of all Pre B Certified Coaches

Provincial C Licensed Coaches

As of 2015, the Provincial C-License program has replaced the Pre B.

Canada Soccer piloted the C-License program throughout 2014 and is now considered as the new entry level to the licensing stream across Canada since 2015.

Click here to view a list of all Provincial C License Certified Coaches.

Provincial B Licensed Coaches

Click here to view a list of all Provincial B License Certified Coaches

National B and National A Licensed Coaches

To look up coaches who are certified at the National B and/or National A level please head to and click on Check Status.

Please note that Check Status is updated quaterly by Canada Soccer. If you have questions about this list please contact Director of Player Development and Coaching.