Play Sports Alberta

A multi-sport summer camp

Alberta Soccer, Volleyball Alberta, and Basketball Alberta have joined to offer PLAY SPORTS ALBERTA multi-sport summer camps in Edmonton and Calgary.

6-8 years old
This introductory camp focuses on the core fundamental movement skills basketball, soccer and volleyball through FUN developmentally appropriate games and activities.  This camp emphasizes the importance of being “physically literate” to engage in a wide variety of physical activities in life. The curriculum will be based on the Steve Nash Basketball, Mini-volley and the Canadian Soccer LTPD toolkits.

9-12 years old
This camp is aligned with the Long Term Athlete Development Stage 2 “Learning to Train” that stresses, FUN, FAIRPLAY and PARTICIPATION. The camp will be evenly divided between instruction in basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Additionally, the camp will feature opportunities to sample other sports, including wheelchair basketball, gymnastics, and track and field activities throughout the week.

No previous sport experience required.  Participants will be divided according to age and or skill development level for activities.

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