(February 1, 2018) Referee registration is now open!

If you were a registered official in 2017, check your inboxes. You’ve been sent an email outlining the important details for this year’s registration season, including a guide for registration and a calendar of events for the 2018 referee program. Please review the email fully to ensure your renewal process goes smoothly.

Alberta Soccer welcomes back each of its returning referees – we look forward to seeing you out on the field!

Female Referees 
The Alberta Soccer Referee Program is excited to announce a brand new program for female referees – ‘Create Your Advantage’. This program combines the standard (mandatory) Outdoor Refresher with an Onfield Interactive Session – facilitated by the leading female referee instructors in Alberta! You can learn more about this free, all-day  program and how to register for it in the email you received this morning.
If you have any questions or concerns about our referee program, we have lots of information on our website: www.albertasoccer.com/referee
Please also feel free to contact us by email. Create Your Advantage registration enquiries should be directed to Carmen Charron