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Alberta Soccer Team

President Shaun Hammond
Vice President Danny Bowie
Director Of Finance Julie Beschell
Directors At Large David Onderwater
Adam Berti
Maureen Keough
Rural Directors At Large Kristina Segall
Jeannie Hawksworth
Public Director Brad Antoniuk
Executive Director Shaun Lowther
Director of Operations & Accounting Tammy McNutt
Referee Development Officer David O’Neill
Competitions Coordinator Darron Bunt
Office Administrator Geraldine Ratcliffe
Program & Events Coordinator Carmen Charron
Communications Coordinator Tiana Squire
Director of Coach Education & Player Development Jim Loughlin
Manager of Grassroots Development John Clubb
Grassroots Program Assistant Sue Herring
Coach Education Program Assistant Claire Paterson
Regional Coach – North Vikram Kaushal
Regional Coach – South Jordan Stewart

Governance & By-Laws
David Onderwater (Chair)
Ron Girvitz
Susan Cress
Heather Bach
Scott Chen
Raj Uppal
Shaun Lowther (Staff)

Technical Committee
Jim Loughlin (Chair)
Danny Bowie (Board Liaison)
Paul Morigeau
Dave Clarke
Jacquie Hertlein
Ross Ongaro
Franc Cioffi
Marco Azocar
Tomasz Janas
Leon Hapgood
John Clubb (Staff)
Vikram Kaushal (Staff)
Jordan Stewart (Staff)

Darron Bunt (Chair)
Danny Bowie (Board Liaison)
Bill Malone
Ken Loudon
Connie Moldrup
Tasha Oatway-McLay
Joan Van Wolde
George Al-Haddad
Mike Oliver
Rob Ziccarelli
Tej Cheema

Nominations (to the Board of Directors) 
Robert Hayne (Chair)
Shaun Lowther (Staff)
Geraldine Ratcliffe (Staff)
Debbie Ballam
Angela Dias
Jay Ruptash
Doug Ratke

Appeals and Discipline
John Maher (Off-field discipline Chair)
Henry Szewczyk (North Liaison)
Chris Goldring (South Liaison)

Referee Development
David O’Neill (Chair)
Danny Bowie (Board Liaison)
Assessment Program
Laurie Hastings (South)
Owen Procter (North)
Assignment Program
Garth Elgie (South)
Stuart Murray (North)
Instructor and Education Program
Monica Adam (North)
Steve Papp (South)
Mel Mottram (Educational Development)
Recruitment & Retention Program
Ryan Devlin (Recruitment & Retention )

Development of Women in Soccer
Mary Jo Spence (Chair)
Julie Beschell (Board Liason)
Ilsa Wong
Pearl Doupe
Jacquie Hertlein
Kayla Wurzer
Amanda Wang
Andrea Procter
Harsimrit Lakhyan
Carmen Charron (Staff Contact)