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Provincial C-License

provincial-c-licenseCanada Soccer piloted the C-License Program throughout 2014 and it is now being introduced as the new entry level to the licensing Stream across Canada in 2015.

Note: Coaches who have successfully completed the Pre B Assessment in the past will have a 2 Year window (subject to change) to enter the Provincial B License program directly.

The C-License is for coaches who would like to continue with their coaching education at a higher level through the Licensing Stream. It is open entry to those 16 years of age or older and are serious about coaching. Preference will be given to coaches working with Tier 1 and Tier 2 players.

This program is divided into 2 parts with different fees for each part:

1) Course

2) Evaluation

*In order to be accepted into the C-License you must have completed and passed the online course Making Ethical Decisions (MED).

For more information on these program components use the tabs below.

provincial-c-license$375 (+GST) Course Fee

Course fees include 32 hours of training, course materials, facilities, and more. Additional fees may apply for Special Events or Mentorship (optional). Approved applications are confirmed via email with an agenda, course requirements and pre-course work details. This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

Applicants will be selected by the Manager of Coach Education. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund and will be eligible to reapply for the next course.  All other application withdrawals will be processed as per ASA’s Refund Policy which includes a minimum 10% admin fee.

Course Curriculum


Long-Term Athlete Development
The Structure of the Game
The Role of the Coach
The Intelligent Player
Attacking and Defending Skills
The Session Plan
Set Plays
Mental Skills


Game Observation
Observation and Intervention
Key Factor Coaching
Global-Analytical-Global Practice
Attacking and Defending Skills
Principles of the Warm Up
Model Coaching Sessions
Practical Coaching Sessions

$150 + GST Evaluation Fee

Coaches who complete the training requirements are eligible to progress to the evaluation process if they choose. Coaches who complete all training requirements and pass the evaluation achieve certification.
Evaluation is based upon:

  1. Practice Session
  2. Laws of the Game Exam
  3. Coaching Theory Exam
  4. Plan a Session Exam

Candidates receive their results electronically. Unsuccessful candidates may apply for re-evaluation twice and full evaluation fees will apply. This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

About Re-Testing C-License Components

After initial evaluation, coaches who require it may re-test twice. Candidates re-test only individual evaluation components they did not pass. If after two re-testing attempts a passing score has not been achieved, candidates must re-enter the program and repeat the C-License course before attempting the evaluation process again. Full program fees will apply.

Re-Testing Fee Structure

  1. Practical Exam: $75 +GST
  2. Laws of the Game: $25 +GST
  3. Coaching Theory Exam: $25 +GST
  4. Plan a Session Exam: $25 +GST

Total = $150 + GST

Candidates receive their results electronically. This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

2017 Course Dates

C License Course — June 8-11 — Calgary (CLOSED)

C License Course — July 13-16 — Edmonton (St. Albert) (CLOSED)

C License Course — April 8-9 & May 27-28 — Sunny South Zone (CLOSED)

C License Course — April 22-23 & June 3-4 — Parkland Zone (CLOSED)

2017 Evaluation Dates

May 13 – Calgary (CLOSED)

June 17 – Edmonton (CLOSED)

September 11 – Edmonton

September 12 – Calgary  

How to Register for the Provincial C-License

To register for a 2017 C-License Course please click here.

Please call, (780) 474-2200 if you have questions.