CONCACAF C-Diploma | Old National C-Licence 

The CONCACAF C-Diploma develops coaches’ capacity to meet the demands of coaching grassroots soccer and is the entry-course to the Advanced Coach Education Pathway. It is targeted to ambitious coaches in the Province of Alberta and a requirement for APDL and League 1 Alberta Assistant Coaches. 

The new CONCACAF C-Diploma is the entry-level course for the Advanced Coach Education pathway and prepares the coach to progress to the Specialist or Professional Streams (B-Diploma, A-Diploma). The diploma involves the facilitation of learning opportunities for the coach to develop an understanding of the coaching process. Currently, this workshop is being delivered in a hybrid environment and requires that coaches reach a minimum standard of competence. Each coach will be assigned tasks to complete throughout the course period and will be supported by staff Coach Developers.


IMPORTANT: all National C-Licence coaching pathways must be finalized and approved by July 31st, 2024. From August 1st, 2024, the new CONCACAF C-Diploma will take over and coaches who started their journey will not be able to continue their journey on the C-Licence stream. C-Licence certified coaches will be able to bridge over to the new CONCACAF C-Diploma. Alberta Soccer will inform about these options once they are available.

Course fee:

  • $2,000

Course Duration:

  • 75 hours


  • RED DEER (The location has been moved from Edmonton to Red Deer due to capacity reasons.)
  • Edmonton (AccelerateHER – All Women CONCACAF C-Diploma)


  • Synchronous E-Learning Online (September 12, 19 & 26, 2024)
  • In-Person Workshop #1 (October 4, 5 & 6, 2024)
  • Development Period (November – March 2024/2025)
  • In-Person Workshop #2 (April 25, 26 & 27, 2025)
  • Evaluation Preparation (May – July 2025)
  • Evaluation #1 (August 2 & 3, 2025)


  • Synchronous E-Learning Online (September 17, 24 & October 10, 2024)
  • In-Person Workshop #1 (October 18, 19 & 20, 2024)
  • Development Period (November – March 2024/2025)
  • In-Person Workshop #2 (May 2, 3 & 4, 2025)
  • Evaluation Preparation (May – July 2025)
  • Evaluation #1 (August 2 & 3, 2025)

Learning Environment:

  • 6 days, in-person (classroom & on-field)
  • Independent Online Learning (asynchronous)
  • Collaborative Online Learning (synchronous)
  • Assessment of Competency

The CONCACAF C-Diploma content involves theoretical and practical components focusing on holistic, effective coaching. The workshop covers content including:

  • Vision, Mission, Values;
  • Understanding the Person, the Practice & the Play;
  • Mental Health and wellbeing in coaching;
  • Safe Sport;
  • The Coaching Process;
  • Designing and delivering a training session;
  • Introduction to the Principles of Play;
  • Developing the individual player;
  • Introduction to presentation skills;
  • Introduction to the use of technology in coaching.


Licence Validity:

  • Upon successful completion of the C-Diploma the coach will receive a coaching certification valid for three (3) years. The licence may be maintained by following the Canada Soccer Maintenance and Renewal Process by joining provincial or national coaching clinics or attending multi-sport modules on the Locker.

Please note: 

  • 100% attendance and engagement is required for the duration of the course. Coaches must be in a workspace that allows them to actively participate in the course online with their cameras on.
  • To be accepted into the CONCACAF C-Diploma, you must be 16 years or older, a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

ALL OLD NATIONAL C-LICENCE EVALUATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE END OF JULY 2024. If you want to complete your Evaluation, you need to complete the C Licence Workshop prior to signing up.

Coaches who successfully complete the training requirements are eligible to progress to the evaluation process if they choose. Coaches must have completed the following to be eligible for register for the C Licence Evaluation:

Coaches who complete all training requirements and pass the evaluation achieve Canada Soccer C Licence Certified. Evaluation is based upon:

  1. Practice Session via video submission
  2. Laws of the Game Exam (if not already completed within the workshop)

Candidates receive their results electronically. Unsuccessful candidates may apply for re-evaluation twice and full evaluation fees will apply on their second re-evaluation (if necessary).

How do I start the Evaluation Process?

To start the evaluation process the coach applies by registering for an Alberta Soccer Coach Evaluation Phase in the Locker through the Coaches Association of Canada.  Pre-Requisite: Canada Soccer C Licence Trained designation.

Once a candidate registers for evaluation and makes contact with their Coach Evaluator, the full evaluation process must be executed within 2 weeks (14 days).  The candidate must be able to submit a session plan, carry out a pre-brief with an evaluator, record their session, sync the audio and video, submit the session and schedule a de-brief.  If the candidate is not confident they can carry this out within the timeframe, they are asked to register only when they can.

On the first day of the evaluation block (or upon registration), the candidate will receive an email from the Alberta Soccer Coach Education Department within 3 business days. This email will detail the evaluation outline as well as the session submission and video guidelines/process.

What do I need to Submit for the Evaluation Process? 

The candidate will submit the following to their assigned Coach Evaluator via email: 

  • Session Plan & Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to their assigned Coach Evaluator via One Drive folder provided by Coach Evaluator

What are the Next Steps?

  • A pre-brief will be set up with Coach Evaluator in which session plan and EAP will be reviewed.  Once given the go ahead by their Coach Evaluator the candidate can then video tape their session.
  • Once video session has been recorded the candidate will submit it to their assigned Coach Evaluator.  Their Coach Evaluator will then set up a debrief meeting and review candidates action plan.
  • If successful, Alberta Soccer will do all the necessary checks and update the CAC Locker (C Licence only) and Canada Soccer.  The candidate will then receive credit in their NCCP transcript and a certificate directly from Canada Soccer.

WATCH: Jason Blake – Alberta Soccer Technical Director – Evaluation Process

2024 Course Dates

CONCACAF C-Diploma 2024

Funding Opportunities

National C-Licence (Evaluations)

For Questions on the Application Form or Evaluation Inquiries please email the Coach Education Department
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