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Are you or do you know a soccer player with a disability? If so, the Alberta Soccability Program offers a soccer first program to support your passion.

Alberta Soccability is now a collaborative partnership between Alberta Soccer and the Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (ACPSA). This transition will see all player registrations and bookings moving across to ACPSA (www.acpsa.ca). Alberta Soccer will still provide leadership and coaching resources as well as promotion.

Two main offerings will still be available to all individuals with an impairment: power soccer and para soccer programs. Both components will have regular programs in both Calgary and Edmonton. See below for more information

Changes to the Program

(Edmonton & Calgary)
Registration for Soccability will now be through the Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association

To register for Soccability, you must become a member of the ACPSA (annual membership fee of $15)

Membership with ACPSA includes Soccability programming and further opportunities to link with other players and establish more competitive and developmental opportunities (www.acpsa.ca)

To become a member and/or to register, please contact Casey Nielsen

Available Programs

Register for Para or Power Soccer

Canada’s Para Soccer Team