District/Community Outreach

The future of soccer in Alberta is in the hands of players, parents, and coaches, which is why Alberta Soccer is committed to supporting the development of soccer through its District & Community Outreach Program. Alberta Soccer provides technical support to all member communities and clubs through two plans of development – both of which provide a pathway that leads every aspiring player and coach on their journey:

  1. Long Term Player Development
  2. Preferred Training Model

The Outreach Program provides a range of developmental sessions to meet the needs of the membership, including clinics and camps for players, goalkeepers, coaches, and parents.

Program Offerings

We look forward when we can get back on the pitch.  If you’d like to discuss other needs your community/club/district have, please feel free to reach out to our Coach Education Administrator. (updated April 23, 2021)

Festival Play (PTM) is a developmental program advocated by FIFA and Canada Soccer. Although the emphasis appears upon the player, the true essence is in community development. The PTM presents a format for engaging and developing not only players, but also coaches and parents. The program brings everyone together for short engaging, active stations that rotate within each event. Alberta Grassroots Development has developed programs and resources to enable your community to adopt this shared approach to development, one that will keep all involved and having fun for generations to come.


Adapting to the new landscape brought on by the COVID 19 Pandemic, Alberta Grassroots Development launched the Coach Circle program as an online resource for coaches across the province. The Coach Circle provides an interactive opportunity to engage local coaches, presenting some key themes within Grassroots Development. This is a free 4 session series and reflects upon Long Term Player Development, Preferred Training Model, Parent Engagement and Transformational Leadership in coaching. So, whether your coaches are near or far, let’s get them connecting and developing a stronger Grassroots Soccer Community.

Keeping local coaches connected. At this time we are proud to be partnered with Airdrie, Sherwood Park, Medicine Hat, Wetaskiwin & Red Deer.  Why not sign up and start the conversation.

Sideline Winners is a parent education Webinar, and reflects upon the role of sports parents, consideration for coaching youth sport and the standards to which all players within Alberta should be provided development opportunities. The goal of Alberta Soccer Grassroots Development is that every Grassroots Player receives the same opportunities to take their game to the next level, within a supportive and positive environment.

These webinars have been developed and all that is required by a host community, is to promote the event using the developed promotional material and encourage parents/coaches to register for the webinar. Alberta Soccer will then bring the discussion to you and your community, to start sharing and developing that positive environment for coaches, parents and most of all the young players.

If you are interested in setting these up for your organization please email Claire Paterson