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District Outreach


The future of soccer in Alberta is in the hands of future players and coaches. This is why Alberta Soccer Grassroots Development is committed to supporting the development of soccer through its District Outreach Program.

Grassroots Soccer is where the soccer journey starts, and Alberta Soccer provides technical support to all member communities and clubs through two programs of development: Long Term Player Development and the Preferred Training Model. Both programs provide a pathway that leads every aspiring player and coach on their journey.

The District Outreach Program provides a broad range of developmental clinics to meet the needs of the membership. These include clinics for players, goalkeepers, soccer camps, coaches and parents. Whatever your soccer community needs – reach out to the Alberta Soccer Grassroots team first.

To organize a Grassroots Clinic in your community, please complete the request form below and a member of the Grassroots Development team will contact you to plan your event.

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Our Journey in 2018

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Program Offerings

Parent Play

PARENTS CAN PLAY, TOO! Build your soccer program through positive parent engagement.

The Parent Play program encourages more adults to find the passion of play through soccer. Most children embrace every special moment with their parents, but many parents may ask themselves: how do we play soccer together?

The Parent Play program provides a vibrant and active opportunity for parents to find out more about soccer, key development milestones for young players and ways in which to engage their children in play.

This clinic includes a one-hour interactive presentation with the adults, with child supervision provided, and then the fun begins: a one-hour practical session with some of the best soccer activities that parents can play with their children at home.

District Outreach Request Form

Please note that all applications will be reviewed by Alberta Soccer to ensure that the host applicant is in ‘good standing’ with their District Member.

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