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Introduction to Grassroots Education

Alberta Soccer is dedicated to developing coaches who can inspire and guide young players at every stage of their journey. Canada Soccer’s Grassroots Coach Education Program is central to this mission, which offers a structured pathway for coaches through four distinct workshops aligned with the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) Model.

These workshops are designed to build foundational skills and understanding, tailored to different age groups and stages of development:

  1. Active Start: Focuses on players aged U4-U6, emphasizing fun and the basics of physical activity.
  2. FUNdamentals: Aimed at U6-U9 boys and U6-U8 girls, this stage highlights the importance of developing a love for the game while honing basic soccer skills.
  3. Learn to Train: This workshop concentrates on skill development and physical literacy for U9-U12 boys and U8-U11 girls.
  4. Soccer for Life: This stage caters to players aged 13 and older, including those who play recreationally or competitively at non-elite levels, up to “masters soccer“.

Pathway to Becoming a Trained Coach

Embarking on the journey to become a trained grassroots coach involves several crucial steps. Following this structured pathway ensures coaches are well-prepared to support and develop players effectively.

  1. Register on the NCCP Locker
    • NCCP Number: Register on the NCCP Locker to obtain an NCCP number. This number is essential for tracking your coaching education and progress.
  2. Complete Mandatory Safe Sport Modules
  3. Choose and Register for the Grassroots Stream
    • Decide on the grassroots stream that matches the age group and development stage you wish to coach:
    • Complete the theoretical components online via Canada Soccer’s SmarterU platform.
  4. Register for Practical Workshops
    • Enroll in a practical workshop through the Locker calendar. These workshops can be taken in any district:
  5. Achieve Grassroots Trained Coach Status
    • Once both parts of the workshop are completed coaches will be given credit for the full workshop in their NCCP Transcript.
    • Upon completing all required courses and workshops, your NCCP Locker profile will reflect your new status with two stars, signifying your accomplishment as a Grassroots Trained Coach. Congratulations!


Following this pathway equips coaches with the necessary skills and knowledge. It ensures a consistent and high-quality coaching standard across Alberta. By adhering to these guidelines, coaches can significantly impact the development and enjoyment of young soccer players, fostering a lifelong love for the game.

*Optional for coaches as they cover some aspect of the safe sport modules

Please watch the brief video tutorial below on how to access the new Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education platform.