Register for a Coaching Workshop

Please watch the brief video tutorial below on how to access the new platform.

Online Workshop How Long does it take to complete Online Portion?
Active Start (U4-U6) 1.5 hours
Fundamentals (U6-U9 Boys; U6-U8 Girls) 1.5 hours
Learn to Train (U9-U12 Boys; U8-U11 Girls) 2 hours
Soccer for Life (U13+ Boys; U12+ Girls) 2 hours

New Coach Education Process

Delivery of Coach Education had been updated.  Please see below for the new process/steps.

  1. To Register for the NEW Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education Program go to:
  2. Complete the online theory portion of the workshop
  3. Complete the practical portion of the workshop – currently available virtually. Please contact Coach Education Coordinator for more details.
  4. Register & Complete Make Ethical Decisions plus steps 2 & 3 (NCCP = Trained)

(updated November 24, 2021)