The Coaching Pathway

The Coaching Pathway is inspired by Canada Soccer’s Long-Term Player Development and is informed by the Coaching Association of Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development model. Please go to Where Do I Start to find out which coach education workshops are best suited to your current coaching context.


The Community Stream Workshops are designed for grassroots coaches wanting an introduction into the basics of coaching soccer.

  • Community Stream workshops are designed for the age and stage of development a coach is coaching (i.e. if coaching U11 players, a coach completes the Learning to Train workshop).
  • Coaches having completed the appropriate workshop are considered “In Training“.
  • To be a “Trained” Community Stream coach, a coach must complete the Making Ethical Decisions (MED) online evaluation. To get more information about MED click here.
  • All workshops are participatory in nature providing coaches with stage specific training.
  • To coach at U13 Provincials a coach must be a Trained Learning to Train or Soccer for Life Coach.
  • To coach at U15 Provincials or higher a coach must be a Trained Soccer for Life Coach.
  • If you coach…

The Licensing Stream is a traditional vertical pathway designed for the aspiring coach able to achieve higher performance standards.

  • Candidates must be 16 years of age.
  • For coaches wanting a more in-depth understanding of coaching methodology and the game of soccer.
  • Designed for active coaches of Learning to Train, Training to Train and Training to Compete players.
  • No community stream workshops need to be completed to register for the Provincial C-License course.
  • Alberta Soccer delivers the C License and B License (Part 1) courses.
  • Canada Soccer delivers the B License (Part 2) and the National A-license.