2020 Online Outdoor Referee Refresher – Now Available

Because of the COVID-19 virus, Alberta Soccer will be offering the Outdoor Referee Refresher course online, focusing on the Law changes for 2020. There will be no in-class Outdoor Refresher for the remainder of 2020.

Note – you will still be required to successfully complete the Outdoor Questionnaire in your Refcentre account before you can start the Online Refresher.

The ‘2020 Outdoor Refresher’ is available at the right hand side of the main menu bar on your Refcentre home page.

There are 4 modules to take in the Online Refresher and you must take them in order.

Each module has a short video to watch followed by some multiple choice or true or false questions. In order to move on to the next module you must get all questions correct. If you fail to score 100% on the module you will need to start the module again.

Please note that you will only be permitted to take each module’s quiz 3 times in 24 hours. If you fail to score 100% on your 3rd attempt please come back on a different day to take the test again.

If you run into issues with ‘cookies’ in your web browser while accessing the quiz part of the refresher, please follow the instructions on the screen to continue.

Once you have completed all 4 modules you will be eligible to officiate in the 2020 outdoor season.

Please also note the following:

– At the end of the modules, there is an FAQ section where you can see previously answered FAQ’s as well as submit any questions you may have about the refresher topics.

– You can also return and review the video presentations at any time after completing the refresher by returning to the modules in the menu bar.

– In the coming weeks Alberta Soccer will also be hosting some ‘office hours’ style sessions online, where topics can be explored in more detail with an instructor. Information about these sessions will be sent to you when available.