(August 10, 2018)


To: Alberta Soccer Provincial Reps & Referees in Chief, All Competing Districts and Teams.

Re: Air Quality Guidelines for Provincial Competitions

Purpose: Consistent and fair implementation of the Air Quality Guidelines at Provincial Competitions

With recent forest fires, the Air Quality indexes at various locations in Alberta have reached levels that can cause potential health impacts.
To ensure that a consistent practice is employed at all Competition venues, and that the Alberta Soccer “Air Aware – Air Quality Monitoring Guidelines” are adhered to, please follow these steps:

  1. ALL decisions regarding the Air Quality, relating to participant health and safety will be made jointly by the Alberta Soccer Competitions Representative and the Referee in Chief at each individual venue.
  2. Decisions will be made to ensure that all scheduled games can be completed by allowable methods so that the competition results are as complete and fair as possible. All such decisions will be final and NOT subject to appeal or protest.
  3. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) will be the starting reference point in the decision process.

Air Quality readings can be found at – https://albertasoccer.com//airquality.alberta.ca/map/

  1. The actual Air Quality at each venue will be evaluated by the ASA Rep and RIC, to determine if the conditions are consistent with the AQHI reading from the closest available monitoring station.
  2. If the Air Quality is determined to be unsuitable for play at any time, the following will apply:
  3. If the game has not yet kicked-off, the result of the game will be determined by Kicks From the Penalty Mark, to take place as close to the scheduled kick off time as possible.
  4. If more than 70% of the game has been played, the game will be abandoned, and the score at that time will stand as the result.
  5. If less than 70% of the game has been played, the game will be abandoned, and will proceed directly to Kicks From the Penalty Mark at that time. The game score from the abandoned portion will not count, but all discipline (yellow and red cards) will be recorded and dealt with as per normal Alberta Soccer procedures.
  6. The decision regarding play, and the results determined for the game should be noted clearly on the game sheet and signed off by either the ASA Rep or the RIC.

For reference –
70% of a 80 minute game is 56 minutes.
70% of a 90 minute game is 63 minutes.

 If you have any questions regarding this memo, please contact Alberta Soccer at 780-474-2200