(November 26, 2018) After the recent High Performance Player (HPP) Combine in Vancouver, four players from across the country were selected to participate in an upcoming Whitecaps FC Academy trip to the Real Madrid training facility.

Among the four selected was Alberta’s Kyle Steenstra, a Calgary Rangers player who began training full-time with the Whitecaps Southern Alberta Academy Centre earlier in the year.

When asked what strengths Kyle possessed that led to his selection, Kyle explained, “I think my biggest strength is my decision-making process and my ability to execute those decisions. I think quickly on the field, which helped me stand out. I also try as hard as I can with everything I do, which I think ultimately affected my selection.”

Kyle’s coaches from the Southern Alberta Academy Centre agree, adding that his diligence, work ethic, and dedication were also large contributors to his selection.

Following the Combine, Whitecaps FC Academy Centre director and head coach, Marinos Papageorgopoulos, said that the players had arrived at the camp focused, with many of them progressing throughout the week. Kyle attributed his particular progression to the “specific individual instruction” the coaches at the Combine provided him. The coaches advice didn’t go to waste: “My focus on and off the field got better,” said Steenstra. “I would visualize success to anticipate situations that could happen in the game. This helped me get selected for the Real Madrid opportunity.”

What’s Next?
“The Real Madrid opportunity is one which I am really grateful for because I can showcase my ability and play against top-tier competition. My goal is to be the best I can be at whatever I do, and this trip will only improve me.”

Well done, Kyle!