(February 1, 2019) After being invited to participate in the Canada Soccer U17 NEX Camp, four Alberta players and two coaches will travel to Laval, Quebec from February 3-8, 2019.

The week-long identification camp hosted by Canada Soccer will see top U17 players from across the country showcasing their talent for potential Super REX inclusion.

Selected AB players:

  • Kaitlyn Fraser – Alberta North REX – Sherwood Park Phoenix
  • Sydney Remington – Alberta South REX – Calgary Southwest United
  • Nyema Ingleton – Alberta South REX – Calgary Southwest United
  • Sydney Slater – Alberta South REX – Calgary Southwest United

In addition to providing opportunities for players, the camp demonstrates Canada Soccer’s coaching development plan by having Regional EXCEL Centre coaches come into a Super Centre to work alongside Canada Soccer staff to develop and enhance the delivery in their local centres.

Selected AB coaches:

  • Kristyn Shapka – Alberta North REX
  • Jordan Stewart – Alberta South REX

For more information, please email Alberta Soccer.

About the Regional Excel (REX) Program 
Through its daily training sessions, the REX programs “delivers an aligned talent structure that progresses players from the youth levels to the Women’s National Team” (Canada Soccer).

Read the Canada Soccer news release here