(September 16, 2019) Last week, Alberta Soccer held two REX combines for the 2019/2020 cycle for the Edmonton and Calgary REX centres. Over each of the two-day events, players born between 2003-2006 were evaluated for inclusion in the AB North REX or AB South REX program. Over 170 players representing 9 districts were recommended from their club/district Technical Leaders for inclusion in the Combines.

“It was great to see players from across the Province competing and showing who they were over the course of both days at the combines” said Jordan Stewart. “It’s so important that we keep track of these girls and monitor the players for as long as possible with the help of club and district technical staff. There was a real sense of collaboration and community amongst those who attended to help assess and support the events.”

Players were split into two groups for assessment with the 2005/2006 born players and 2003/2004 born players being separated for a more accurate assessment with their peers.

Next Steps

The players chosen for initial inclusion within the ABREX programs will receive a letter of invitation on Sept. 18, 2019.

“There are going to be some tough decisions to make initially, but as we explained to all the players, this is only a snapshot of who you are at this point in time. Things change quickly. Continue working hard and working on becoming the best version of yourself on and off the pitch.” said Jordan Stewart about the selections. “Canada Soccer is looking at the girls regularly and tracking them through Alberta Soccer for inclusion in U15 CONCACAF Championship teams (Summer 2020) and U17 Youth National Teams. We look forward to supporting the players on their journeys.”