Booster Juice Alberta Soccer and Booster Juice have announced a renewal of their partnership that began in 2013. As a primary partner of Alberta Soccer, Booster Juice will continue its support of the Youth Provincial Championships and fair play throughout the competition.

“We are extremely pleased to renew our relationship with Booster Juice,” stated Richard Adams, Executive Director of the Alberta Soccer Association. “Booster Juice’s growth in this country, their Alberta roots and their commitment to promoting an active lifestyle makes them a fantastic partner and one that our participants in our provincial championships see a direct benefit from.”

“We are so happy that we can continue our partnership with the ASA and promote such a popular sport with our sponsorship of our healthy product. This fits perfect with what we represent as a company as a whole,” said Dale Wishewan, President & CEO of Booster Juice.

In addition to being a Presenting Sponsor at each Youth Provincial Championship, the Booster Juice logo will appear on all Fair Play Awards given to the team in each competition who best demonstrates the spirit of sportsmanship through their attitudes towards each other, their opponents and the officials. Booster Juice will also provide all 11,000 participants at our Youth Indoor and Outdoor Provincial Championships with a 2 for 1 Booster Juice Coupon.
About Booster Juice

The first Booster Juice was opened in Sherwood Park, Alberta in November 1999 by Dale Wishewan, Booster Juice President & CEO, a guy who thought it would be a good idea to sell smoothies in the middle of a Canadian winter. Turns out, taste trumps temperature, and today there are over 330 locations worldwide. Booster Juice serves its intensely loyal customers a delicious, convenient and healthy alternative to fast food. In addition to their signature smoothies, their menu offers fresh-squeezed juices, hot food, and snacks.