2017 Provincials Logo(February 24, 2017) Alberta Soccer is excited to release the new logo for the 2017 Servus Credit Union Provincial Championships – providing a refreshing appearance for all merchandise and promotional materials. This year’s Youth Provincial Championships will also benefit from a continued relationship between Alberta Soccer and Servus Credit Union.

“As we pursue our vision of creating a centre of excellence for our game, Alberta Soccer looks forward to what will be our fourth year partnering with Servus Credit Union,” says Alberta Soccer Executive Director, Richard Adams. “Our mutual commitment to creating strong, healthy communities in our province allows for greater support to all soccer participants.”

Alberta Soccer provides more provincial soccer championship competitions than any other province in Canada. As a result, developing and maintaining strong partnerships with our sponsors is crucial to the provision of high quality competitions.

In 2014, Servus Credit Union joined Alberta Soccer as the title sponsor for the Youth Provincial Championships. Alberta Soccer is proud of this ongoing affiliation and the contributions it makes to the members of the soccer community.

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