(August 16, 2019) As Alberta Soccer begins planning for the 2019-20 season, its staff and coaches are pleased to announce that the third annual Regional ID Camp (previously Rural ID Camp) will be hosted by Battle River Soccer Association in the City of Leduc from September 13-15, 2019.

The Regional ID Event brings together some of the best players from outside the Province’s major centres to develop and compete with and against one another. Alberta Soccer staff and coaches can then identify, track, and monitor these talented players.

“We know that there are talented players all across this Province, but due to the size of Province, constraints exist that can restrict us from discovering who they are. The Regional ID Event allows for Alberta Soccer to sidestep those constraints and identify key players in the province,” explains Jordan Stewart, Alberta Soccer Regional Coach – South.

While the focus of the weekend is player identification, the ID Event will also feature development opportunities for those in attendance, including parent and coach education seminars and player education presentations.

“The player identification coupled with the parent education and coach development taking place at the event allows Alberta soccer to support our membership as a whole while providing opportunities for all players and coaches, province-wide,” continued Stewart.

Based on the feedback from the nine districts who indicated their interest in sending players to the event, approximately 200 individuals (2006 and 2007-born) are expected to attend, alongside coaches from their communities.


Districts have received details of preferred hotel rates – for more information about this, please contact your local host district