(December 13, 2016) 

Canada Soccer has launched a country-wide survey of grassroots soccer in the country to assess the degree of implementation of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) in the game. The outreach campaign aims to understand in more detail the degree to which LTPD’s implementation has been effective, and where work remains to be done.

“We are currently scrutinizing everything we have been doing over the past ten years to develop the game of soccer in Canada,” says recently-appointed Director of Development Jason deVos. “This means asking questions about coaching qualifications and competition structures, but also how the game is fundamentally being taught at the grassroots level and how players can progress based on their ability and ambition in the game”.

LTPD has been the basis for the development of Canadian soccer in recent times. Developed nearly ten years ago, the player development framework maps out the development of players of all abilities, from a toddler’s first kick to Canada’s national team players. Since its release, Canada Soccer’s provincial/territorial affiliates have been tasked with implementing it. This has involved significant work, fundamentally changing the way Canadians see soccer and play it, particularly at youth level.

“This survey is a really important piece of work for us,” deVos continues. “To make important long term decisions about what we invest in, we must have a greater understanding of where we are now with regard to LTPD. We must listen carefully to what the grassroots of the game is telling us.”

All involved in the game in Canada are encouraged to participate in this vital survey on the progress and potential of the long term model for player development. Surveys relating to specific functions in the game including club presidents, technical and coaching development staff and players, parents, referees, administrators and all involved in the game in the country are available.

“It is essential that we have evidence-based support for our future direction and that can only be achieved through active participation from the thousands of people delivering the game on a daily basis who are Canadian soccer,” deVos says.

If you are the President of a soccer club, association or academy, take this survey: Club Presidents LTPD Survey

If you are the Technical Director or Head Coach of a soccer club, association or academy, take this survey: Club Technical Directors LTPD Survey

If you are a soccer player (at any level), coach, referee, parent (of a youth player) or soccer administrator (including Board members, conveyors, administrative staff, etc), take this survey: National Grassroots LTPD Survey