(August 1, 2018) Canada Soccer “launched a new era of development for the sport” yesterday following the announcement of its nation-wide Club Licensing Program.  

With the soccer landscape in Canada changing, the program will “set clearly defined standards and expectations for member organizations, recognize excellence in the soccer community, raise the level of clubs, and drive change within the soccer system throughout Canada.”  

“With the launch of Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program, parents will now know exactly what to expect when they sign their child up for soccer and can be confident that their child’s best interests are being met,” said Jason de Vos, Canada Soccer Director of Development. “This program will change the rules around the way young players are grouped, thus supporting the ability of clubs to deliver the best possible programs for children at all age levels and ability.”  

Read Canada Soccer’s full release here 

Impact in Alberta 

From the successful World Cup Bid, to Cavalry FC and FC Edmonton joining the Canadian Premier League, and Alphonso Davies’ precedent-setting transfer to Bayern Munich, the past few months have brought several exciting announcements regarding Soccer in Canada and specifically, Alberta. Now, with the implementation of this National Club Licensing Program, Alberta Soccer looks forward to seeing this all come together to further Alberta Soccer’s vision of creating a Centre of Excellence for the game.  

“The Canada Soccer National Club Licensing Program will enable Alberta Soccer Clubs to be recognized for quality programming at the District, Provincial and National level. The designations that Canada Soccer (in co-operation with Provincial Associations and Clubs across the country) has worked diligently to establish will allow clubs to excel at the level of service they aspire to provide,” says Alberta Soccer Executive Director, Shaun Lowther. “By implementing attainable standards, the playing and training environment will undoubtedly improve, in turn igniting a passion for the beautiful game among a greater number of people across the Province.” 

Alberta Soccer Director of Coach Education and Player Development, Jim Loughlin added to this sentiment, “Soccer leaders in the province of Alberta want to create the best possible learning environment for participants.  The Canada Soccer Club Licensing initiative will provide a framework to help us achieve this.”  

For more information about the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program, reach out to Shaun Lowther, Alberta Soccer Executive Director.