Online learning solution replaces Community Stream Coach Education in-person classroom component

Canada Soccer has launched an online learning management system to lower the barrier to access for grassroots volunteer, parent, and guardian coaches.  The new coach education platform at allows coaches anywhere to complete the theory component of the Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train and Soccer for Life courses online.  In addition, a new core component of the Grassroots Coach Education Program – Coaching Soccer in Canada – has been added to the newly – dubbed Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education Program.

“Grassroots coaches are the backbone of the Canadian soccer development system and with the launch of the Grassroots Coach Education Program at,” said Jason deVos, Canada Soccer’s Director of Development. “We have worked to remove the geographic barriers that exist across this country to provide a robust, blended learning approach to grassroots coach education leveraging 21st Century learning tools to reach more areas of the coaching community than ever before.”

The Academy learning platform will allow for clubs to administer and distribute keys purchased via Canada Soccer’s coach education shop for their grassroots coaches to complete the online component of the Grassroots Coach Education Program, before liaising with Provincial and Territorial Member Associations to schedule the in-person component required to complete the certification.

“Access to appropriate training for player age and stage is a key component of Canada Soccer’s Safe Sport Roster,” deVos said. “The launch of this platform will move us toward ensuring that every coach working with players in Canada is adequately trained to give them the tools they need to create the best possible environment for players from coast-to-coast-to-coast.”

Canada Soccer’s Coach Education Program consists of the Grassroots Education Program that certifies coaches as having completed the age and stage training appropriate for the players they’re working with and the Canada Soccer Advanced Coach Education program that provides coaches with the Canada Soccer Advanced Coach Education Program that provides coaches with the Canada Soccer Children’s, Youth, C, B, and A Licence award at the completion of their training.

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