B Licence – Part 1

train-to-trainThe B Licence – Part I workshop is hosted by Alberta Soccer. It is intended for coaches who have successfully completed the C License Workshop and Evaluation. As with the C License, the B Part 1 requires that coaches reach a minimum standard of competence in a practical coaching environment.  Each coach is formally evaluated and graded by Staff Evaluators.

$500 + GST (course only), includes:

  • 40 hours of training
  • Course materials

Additional fees may apply for Special Events or Mentoring (optional).

Approved applications are confirmed via email with an agenda, course requirements and pre-course work details.

Applicants will be selected by the Manager of Coach Education. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a full refund and will be eligible to reapply for the next course.  All other application withdrawals will be processed as per Alberta Soccer’s Refund Policy which includes a minimum 10% admin fee.


Long-Term Athlete Development
Technique and Skill
Principles of Play
Physical Development
Systems and Tactics
Key Factor Coaching
Session Planning
Match Observation


Technical and Skill Practice
Small-Sided Game Practice
Functional Practice
Global-Analytical-Global Practice
Attacking and Defending Skills
Attacking and Defending Principles
Practices for Physical Development
Delivering Coaching Sessions

Coaches who complete the training requirements are eligible to be evaluated. Evaluation is optional. Coaches who complete all training requirements and pass the evaluation achieve certification. Evaluation is based upon:

  1. Practical Session (20 minute Analytical & 15 minute Final SSG) – completed via video submission
  2. Coaching Portfolio (completed during the course)
  3. Plan a Session (provided before evaluation)

Candidates receive their results electronically. Unsuccessful candidates may apply for re-evaluation and full evaluation fees will apply (on the 2nd re-evaluation).

$250 + GST Evaluation Fee

Video Evaluation

  • The candidate applies by registering via the online B License Evaluation registration form by using the registration link.  Once registered candidates will receive a pay pal invoice for the evaluation fee
  • Each evaluation Phase is 3 months long and the candidate must be able to submit a session plan, carry out a pre-brief with an evaluator, record their session, sync the audio and video, submit the session and schedule a debrief within this time frame.  If the candidate is not confident they can carry this out within the 3 month period, they are asked to register for a later block that will allow them to complete in this time frame. 
  • On the first day of the evaluation block, the candidate will receive an email from the Alberta Soccer Manager of Coach Education introducing them to their Alberta Soccer Coach Evaluator.  This email also details the evaluation outline as well as the video submission guidelines/process. 
  • The candidate must send their session plans and (EAP) directly to their coach evaluator by email as well as upload to the online platform. 
  • Once the evaluator has received the session plan, the evaluator will contact the candidate and arrange a ‘pre-brief’ with the candidate.  The pre-brief will be carried out either via a video call or phone call at an agreed time between the candidate and evaluator.  It is highly recommended that candidates take the opportunity to have a pre-brief to go over their session and take feedback and make any adjustments.  Once the pre-brief has taken place, the candidate will be given the go-ahead to record their session. 
  • Once the candidates have recorded their session and checked it for audio and video quality, the candidate will email their video and attached forms directly to their assigned coach developer.  The candidate must also upload their video to the Alberta Soccer coach education platform. 
  • On receiving the email, the evaluator will acknowledge receipt of the information forms, and will schedule a debrief with the candidate.  Again, this can be done via video phone or phone call.  During the debrief the candidate will learn of their next steps and discuss their action plan. 
  • The evaluator will email the completed observation of competency forms and action plan to the candidate and Alberta Soccer. 
  • If successful, Alberta Soccer will do all the necessary checks and update Canada Soccer.  The candidate will then receive their Certificate. 
Re-Testing Provincial B Licence Components

Coaches may be evaluated again, should their performance have fallen short of the expected standards. In most instances, the initial re-evaluation fee can be waived. After initial re-evaluation, coaches who require it may complete a second re-evaluation. Candidates re-test only individual evaluation components they did not pass. If after completing a second re-evaluation a passing score has not been achieved, candidates must re-enter the program and repeat the Provincial B Licence course before attempting the evaluation process again. Full program fees will apply.

Total Cost
$275 + GST

  1. Field Testing ($125 + GST)
  2. Portfolio ($125 + GST)
  3. Plan a Session Exam ($25 + GST)

This is a non-residential program with travel and accommodation being the responsibility of the candidate.

Candidates receive their results electronically.

2020/21 *NEW* Online B1 Workshop Dates (please review dates carefully as full attendance is required)

November 21 & 22, December 5 & 6th, January 9 & 10th, 16 & 17th, and 23 & 24th.

Registration Now Closed

Evaluation Dates
2020/21 Phase 1 (Nov 1 – Jan 31st).  Registration now OPEN – Click HERE to register


Each evaluation Phase is 3 months long and the candidate must be able to submit a session plan, carry out a pre-brief with an evaluator, record their session, sync the audio and video, submit the session and schedule a de-brief within this time frame.  If the candidate is not confident they can carry this out within the 3 month period, they are asked to register for a later block that will allow them to complete in this time frame.

For evaluation enquiries, please email the Manager of Coach Education

What will I need to submit?

The candidate will submit the following to their assigned Coach Evaluator via email, and upload to the Alberta Soccer coach education platform. 

  • Upload the video to the Alberta Soccer platform (One Drive folder provided by Coach Developer)
  • Completed Session Plan 
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the facility and player that appear in the video 

When will I receive my session topic?

  • B License Part 1 candidates will have their topic assigned to them once they have submitted their six (6) session plans (3 attacking and 3 defending topics) to Alberta Soccer. 
  • Any sessions submitted that have not been assigned by Alberta Soccer Coach Education Team will be returned to the candidate unevaluated. 

What are the Essential Filming Procedures?

Can we see it clearly? 

  • The videographer must use a tripod to record the session, shaky videos will not be able to be reviewed, it’s important we can see this clearly to give you the best possible feedback. 
  • There should be only the coach candidate and the demo players on the soccer field when producing a video for review 
  • National B License Part 1 submissions, videos submitted must be from an elevated position. 
  • The camera focus must be on the coach and players during any conversation and zoomed out to see the majority of the players.  Please ensure that the evaluator sees the coach and the group of players involved in the intervention. 
  • If the zoom feature is used, generally it should be used when the coach makes and intervention in order to see more clearly the demonstration and rehearsal of the correction made.  It is important that the group of players involved in the particular passage of play be seen on the screen as well as the coach and that they are not lost from view by zooming in too much. 
  • Please do not zoom in only on the coach, we will not be able to see the players and their positions on the field if this is the case.  If in doubt, have as many players on the field in view as possible. 
  • The camera should use a wide angle shot to capture the players as they perform the game/game like activity as well as on the coach.  Ideally, viewing both teams backlines. 
  • There should be no other players or coaches working on the soccer field other than those players and the coach involved in the review session. 
  • The end result needs to provide the coach developer with a clear and cohesive view of the session given. 

Can we hear clearly? 

  • The voice of the coach must be audible at all times.  This means that a portable microphone must be used.  Portable microphones are easy to access via smart phone apps and headphones that have a microphone. 
  • The video must a have quality sound; videos that are difficult to hear will not be evaluated. Background noise should be minimal. 
  • In cases where the coach cannot be clearly heard or understood, the video will be returned and will need to be re-filmed. 

How long should the session be? 

  • Each video must be no longer than 35 minutes in length for National B License Part 1 evaluations. 

Field Size? 

  • B License topics may require full width of an 11 v 11 field as well as the full centre circle. 

 What players can I use for the session? 

  • Canada Soccer requires the use of demonstration players to be at the level described for the context. The teaching topics in this context require that the players be proficient enough to play competently for the topics. 
  • National B Part 1 are aged 13-17. It is the responsibility of the candidate to set up the demonstration players for their video and receive required consent. The demonstration players must be registered with Alberta Soccer. 

Where can I film it? 

  • Sessions should be recorded in a soccer facility on either grass or artificial turf that has been check for safety and suitable to play on.  The session must take place in Alberta, Canada. 
  • Any requests to film outside Alberta must be sent to the Manager of Coach Development.