Kid Sport

(November 22, 2017) As we approach the season of giving, Alberta Soccer is excited to continue its relationship with KidSport Alberta. Working all year to eliminate some of the roadblocks that prevent kids from playing organized sport, KidSport’s mission is an invaluable one for the health and future of kids in our province.

“The emotional, mental, and physical benefits of soccer are immeasurable, and Alberta Soccer is ecstatic to help more kids in our province experience the joy of  playing sport,” announced Shaun Lowther, Alberta Soccer Executive Director. “Participating as a member of a team empowers kids to develop confidence, cooperation, and grit. Our organization is proud to support the goal that KidSport Alberta is working to achieve.”

“In 2016, the Alberta Soccer Association voted to even the playing field and make sport accessible for all by donating $10,000 to KidSport Alberta,” said Greg Ingalls, KidSport Alberta Executive Director. “These funds were used to help get 3,629 kids off the sidelines and into the game as part of KidSport Alberta’s mission to remove financial barriers to sport. In total, just over $650,000 was donated to the cause of getting kids into soccer – part of the $2.5 million distributed across the province for over 75 sports.”

On November 28 – Giving Tuesday – Alberta Soccer is pleased to announce that it will once again donate $10,000 toward making soccer accessible for more youth across the province. 

“Soccer is, and has always been, the sport most frequently chosen by KidSport Kids,” continued Ingalls. “Twice as many KidSport Kids choose to play soccer as any other sport, which is a huge testament to the great work done by the Alberta Soccer Association. We are proud and excited to continue our partnership with Alberta Soccer, working together to make sport a part of the lives of all Albertan kids. Thank you so much for your dedication to our shared mission of So ALL Kids Can Play!”

For those of you looking for a cause to support this holiday season, consider donating to the sixth annual Give the Gift of Sport Campaign. The KidSport campaign aims to “raise awareness and funds to help under-resourced Canadian youth participate in organized sport in Canada.” If this sounds like something you’d like to contribute to, then click here to donate.