Continuing on the journey toward the Canada Summer Games, we’re pleased to introduce you to another member of our girl’s soccer team – Tanya Boychuk:

In sport, discussions surrounding the validity of specialization vs. multi-sport participation are common. Yet, research shows the many benefits of children and teens playing more than one sport. Rather than limiting opportunities, multi-sport involvement can actually increase an athlete’s level of success.

Alberta’s Tanya Boychuk is a fantastic example of this: not only was she chosen to represent our province at the Canada Summer Games as a soccer player, but as a diver as well!

Throughout her extensive involvement in soccer, Tanya has also committed much of herself to becoming a provincially and nationally ranked diver. She earned a gold medal at the 2015 Canadian National Diving Championship, two bronze medals at the 2015 Pan American Games in Cuba, and 12 gold medals at various provincial events.

Tanya’s parents, Orysia and Vlodko Boychuk, shared their thoughts about her competing at a national and international level in two sports:

“These two sports are complementary as they use different muscles. Diving supports soccer with core strengthening and agility on the field. With diving, Tanya has developed an excellent physical sense of awareness to her surroundings and where her body is at all times in relation to her environment. In return, soccer helped Tanya to develop her cardio and legs fitness. These two sports make her a well-rounded athlete by physically developing different body parts.”

Although Tanya qualified for both sports, the Games’ diving and soccer competitions are scheduled during the same week, forcing Tanya to choose between the two. She chose soccer.

Tanya’s soccer career started out in the McLeod Community League when she was four years old. She continued on to FC Xtreme, Edmonton Inter, and most recently she played in the FC Edmonton Girls REX Program. Over the past five years, she has competed at various national and international competitions, attended a Women’s National Team U18-20 Training Camp, and played for Canada’s U20 Women’s National Team at the Three Nations Tournament in Australia (just last week).

As far as her success thus far goes, Tanya credits the many people she’s encountered along the way:

“I would like to take this opportunity and thank all my coaches and teammates, who have contributed to my soccer and diving success over the years. I would not have been able to make these accomplishments without their help.”

Congratulations, Tanya – we look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg!

Spectators at the Canada Games should keep their eyes out for Tanya at the opening ceremonies, as she was given the honour of representing Team Alberta as the province’s Banner Carrier. Well deserved!

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