Young people aged 12 to 25 are among the most underserved population for mental health and substance use support in Alberta – and the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically worsened? this issue.

There have been increasing calls to make health and wellness services more effective by directly engaging young people in service design, delivery and evaluation. That’s where Kickstand comes in!

Kickstand is excited to share MoreGoodDays – a supportive text message program for young people in Alberta. After working alongside 40 young people from across the province, a clinical team vetted and approved 365 daily messages written 100% by Alberta youth, for Alberta youth.

“I think something you should know is that you are green with great, pink with perfect, aqua with awesome, blue with brave. You are a rainbow of qualities. Remember that! ?” 

–  MoreGoodDays Message written by Ayla from Edmonton

Young people in Alberta can sign up by texting MoreGoodDays (all one word) to 393939 for a daily dose of inspiration and support straight to their phone via text message.