(June 5, 2018) Alberta Soccer just wrapped up another successful series of FUNdamentals Festivals – this year, visiting 13 communities across urban and rural Alberta. The Festivals teach the Preferred Training Model – A FIFA promoted system that focuses on teaching technical skills in a FUN environment – to clubs, communities, and districts.  

With the support of Servus Credit Union, Alberta Soccer was able to provide the Festival hosts with up to $2,000 in grant funds for their Grassroots programs.  

All told, the Festivals impacted nearly 900 players, 175 coaches, and 650 parents

Shelley Fried, Alberta Soccer Learning Facilitator, reflected positively on the Festivals she facilitated:

“There are parents who are starting to understand that the festivals and Preferred Training Model (PTM) are more than just soccer. It’s about teaching kids movements that can help them be confident when they are older. I was happy to see so many young coaches taking in the festival and challenging them to think about soccer in a different way and what type of coach they want to be.  

Parents just want to see their kids moving, laughing and coming home happy and tired and that is what the festivals and PTM provide.”

The Grassroots Team will continue to travel the province, providing follow up support as host communities implement the Preferred Training Model in their grassroots programming. 

For more information on the Preferred Training Model, watch this video. 

Take advantage of having the Alberta Soccer Grassroots team visit your community – request a district outreach visit: https://albertasoccer.com/player/grassroots/district-outreach/  

Photo Credit: Matt Meier

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