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FUNdamentals Festivals: Preferred Training Model

Note: The application deadline to host a 2018 FUNdamentals Festival has passed. See below for a list of this year’s host communities

Alberta Soccer, with the support of Servus Credit Union, is supporting several new and returning FUNdamentals Soccer Festivals during the Spring/Summer of 2018. The Festivals, which teach the FIFA promoted Preferred Training Model to grassroots soccer players, help provide a positive base for communities to develop their grassroots soccer programs upon. The model focuses on teaching technical skills in a FUN atmosphere. Alberta Soccer Licensed Coaches teach the Preferred Training Model to community coaches, who then gain the skills to run the model on their own with U9 players.

  • NCCP FUNdamentals Training for 8-16 Volunteer Coaches

  • Afternoon Festival for 80 U9 children run by Volunteer Coaches
  • Up to $2,000 grant for new communities and up to $1,000 for returning communities who meet requirements

  • $500 Coach Honorarium Grant for Community

Watch the following video for a fantastic explanation of what the Preferred Training Model is!

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