(September 4, 2018) Alberta Soccer saw 66 teams compete across 14 competitions last weekend at the Senior Provincials Championships in Edmonton and Calgary.

Teams competing in the Major and Masters/Classics Major Competitions were competing for both the Provincial Title as well as the right to play in Canada Soccer’s upcoming National competitions. Congratulations to Edmonton Victoria Women and Edmonton Scottish Men, who will soon travel to Saskatoon for Nationals and to Phoenix Men and Green & Gold Women who are heading to the Western Men’s Masters and Masters Women’s Regional Championships in Richmond at the end of the month.

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Full Results:

Male Female
  • Major: Scottish (gold), Villains (Silver), Villains (Fair Play)
  • Masters Major: Phoenix (gold), Transilvania (silver and Fair Play), Scottish (bronze)
  • Masters Premier: Rampant Lions (gold), Lads Club (silver), Scottish Premier (bronze), Medicine Hat (Fair Play)
  • Premier: St Albert (gold), Croatia (silver), Storm (bronze)
  • TI: E & C United (gold), FC Albania (silver), Croatia (bronze and Fair Play)
  • TII: NE United (gold), Villains (silver and Fair Play), Santos FC (bronze)
  • TIII: WHU Aliens (gold), Northside United (silver), Lakeland (bronze), Forest Park Rangers (Fair Play)


  • Major: Victoria (gold and Fair Play), Northwest United (silver)
  • Classics Major: Green & Gold (gold and Fair Play), Alliance (silver), Scottish (bronze)
  • Classics Premier: Villains (gold), AFSC (silver), Wind NSO (bronze and Fair Play)
  • Premier: Northwest United (gold), St Albert Impact (silver), Blizzard (bronze and Fair Play)
  • TI: St Albert Impact (gold), Pinnacle FC (silver), FC Excelsior (bronze), CJSC (Fair Play)
  • TII: Blizzard Venom (gold), Edmonton Warriors (silver and Fair Play), Re-United (bronze)
  • TIII: Mavericks 09 (gold and Fair Play), Sherwood Park Phoenix (silver), Rangers Royals (bronze)

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