How to upgrade from National Referee to FIFA Referee

The Canadian Soccer Association may nominate officials from the National List of Officials to FIFA, for inclusion on the International List of Officials. As with the National List, FIFA has separate categories for Referees and Assistant Referees.

This nomination is reserved for the top level National officials in the country. The referee or assistant referee will have been officiating in the highest leagues in Canada and the US, normally professional leagues such as CPL or MLS.

CSA makes nominations to FIFA in November, and they are confirmed in mid-December for the following year’s list.

Canada currently has six FIFA referees (one from Alberta), and ten FIFA assistant referees (one from Alberta)

Marie-Soleil Beaudoin Nova Scotia Referee (2014)
Myriam Marcotte Québec Referee (2019)
Carly Shaw-Maclaren Ontario Referee (2022)
Filip Dujic Ontario Referee (2024)
Drew Fischer Alberta Referee & Video Match Official (2015)
Pierre-Luc Lauzière Québec ​ Referee & Video Match Official (2021)
Lyes Arfa ​ Québec ​ Assistant Referee (2021)
Micheal Barwegen Alberta Assistant Referee (2018)
Chantal Boudreau Saskatchewan Assistant Referee (2015)
Stéphanie Fortin Québec ​ ​ Assistant Referee (2019)
Marie-Han Gagnon Chretien Québec ​ ​ Assistant Referee (2015)
Gabrielle Lemieux ​ Québec ​ ​ Assistant Referee (2021)
Melissa Snedden Ontario ​ Assistant Referee (2018)
Stefan Tanaka-Freundt BC Assistant Referee (2021)
Chris Wattam ​ BC Assistant Referee (2018)
Gérard-Kader Lebuis Québec ​ ​ ​ Assistant Referee (2024)


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