Like many people across Alberta, Alberta Soccer and its membership are devastated to see and hear of the awful effects of the fires in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. With the evacuation of these communities, we realize that many of our soccer members who are part of the Fort McMurray soccer association are now displaced.

While basic needs are the priority right now and we encourage donations to the Red Cross, please know that we have an incredibly caring and inclusive soccer community here in Alberta willing to support. If you, someone you know or your child is looking to continue to play soccer during this time and you are displaced, we have many associations who would be willing to accommodate players.

Red Cross Donation Page

Please email the Alberta Soccer Association or call the main office at 780-474-2200 for more information on where to go to play.



The closest districts to areas who are supporting a large number of evacuees include:

For those evacuees in other areas of the province, please refer to our full list of members