(March 25, 2019) Last weekend saw 68 teams compete at the 2019 Alberta Soccer Senior Provincial Championships – hosted by CWSA, CUSA, and EDSA in Edmonton and Calgary. Congratulations to each of the participating teams!

Men – Major Gold – Edmonton Scottish, Silver – Green & Gold, Bronze – Calgary Dinosaurs
Women – Major Gold – Angels Scottish, Silver – Northwest United, Bronze – Calgary Callies
Premier Men Gold – Palermo FC, Silver – Juventus, Bronze – FC Albania
Premier Women Gold – FC Panthers, Silver – Alliance, Bronze – Wind
Tier I Men Gold – KC Trojans, Silver – United Nova FC, Bronze – EMFC Boom
Tier I Women Gold – Futbol United/Strikers WHPP, Silver – Rapids FC Thunder, Bronze – Xavier Academy
Tier II Men Gold – Croatia Rijeka, Silver – Calgary Inter FC, Bronze – PASS FC Alumni
Tier II Women Gold – EMFC Adrenaline Rush, Silver – Blizzard Venom, Bronze – Bumblebee FC
Tier III Men Gold – Colombia Concrete Brothers, Silver – NE United Selects, Bronze – CFC Raiders
Tier III Women Gold – VSC, Silver – Westwinds, Bronze – Carlisle United
Masters Major Gold – Scottish Masters, Silver – EMFC Crew, Bronze – Phoenix Masters/Victoria Masters
Classics Major Gold – Green & Gold Classics, Silver – Angels Scottish Classics, Bronze – Villains FC Rebels
Masters Premier Gold – Real Santiago FC, Silver – Santiago Wanderers, Bronze – Gunners FC
Classics  Premier Gold – Villains FC Renegades, Silver – Angels SSC4, Bronze – AFC

View the full standings on the Alberta Soccer Competitions website