Three Alberta-based groups were provisionally licensed as Quality Soccer Providers today, Canada Soccer announced. The new additions were BTB Soccer Academy (Edmonton), Lethbridge Soccer, and Strathmore Soccer. This country-wide award recognizes organizations that have developed and complied with Canada Soccer standards, and promotes them as providers of safe, fun, and inclusive soccer environments.

“We are excited to receive the Quality Soccer Provider license. BTB prides itself in providing a safe, fun, and inclusive programming for the players, coaches, volunteers, and the community. We are extremely happy to be recognized by Alberta Soccer and Canada Soccer”, said Kondeh Mansaray, Founder and Technical Director of BTB Soccer Academy.

But being licensed by the country’s ruling body is no easy task. According to Frank Spadavecchia, Executive Director of Lethbridge Soccer, “the process to get Standards for Quality Soccer (SQS) certified took a lot of work by multiple people, but in the end it showed us what policies needed to be updated and/or created”. This opinion was shared by Ryan Parkins, Technical Director of Strathmore Soccer. “We are a small club with a big heart, and it means a lot to our dedicated technical and administrative team members to accomplish this level of licensing. By guaranteeing the quality of our program offerings we reinforce the pride that comes along with wearing the SSA patch”.

Canada Soccer added that the Quality Soccer Provider designation will become a requirement of membership from 2023, something that the newly appointed groups take in all seriousness. “Moving forward, the Strathmore Soccer Association aims to grow, not only in player numbers but in skill development and presence in the Regional Soccer Community. Our objective continues to be the development and delivery of an accessible, inclusive and, most importantly, player focused soccer programming”, stated Mr Parkins.

From a BTB Soccer Academy perspective, inclusiveness is key to developing a succesful program. “Our plan moving forward is to bring as many children from all background and culture into the sport at the grassroot level. We want to make sure BTB is a program that caters to every person that is interested in being part of the sport”, declared Mr Mansaray.

This nomination takes the number of soccer providers in Alberta to four, along with Okotoks United. Alberta Soccer is offering full support and guidance to all soccer groups in order to achieve the goal of promoting all that is good in the beautiful game from the Grassroots up.

For more information about applying for the Quality Soccer Provider licence, visit or email