(August 13, 2018) – Over 2,000 athletes and coaches traveled the Province last weekend in the hopes of ending their season with a Servus Youth Provincial Championship.

Although the weather and air quality conditions created some challenges at various competitions, Alberta Soccer was proud of the teams’ attitudes and performances.

The Tier II and III Championships took place in Okotoks, Lethbridge, Edmonton, and Calgary – and Alberta Soccer is grateful to each of the hosts, volunteers, and referees for their outstanding efforts.

Girls Standings:

  • U13 Tier II: Chinook FC Fusion (gold), MSB Stars (silver), Lethbridge (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – TBA
  • U15 Tier II: Blizzard (gold), SW Sting (silver), SWU United (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – Lethbridge
  • U17 Tier II: St Albert (gold), Blizzard SC 02 (silver), Foothills 02 DA (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – Foothills 02 DA
  • U13 Tier III: CNEU Flames (gold), Sting Johnsen (silver), Saints Robert (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – TBA
  • U15 Tier III: Blizzard Alliance 04 (gold), St Albert Impact (silver), Edmonton Warriors (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – Tri County
  • U17 Tier III: Tri County (gold), CASA (silver), Tri County (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – MW Selects

Boys Standings

  • U13 Tier II: Foothills 05 DA (gold), MSB Chelsea (silver), Warriors Obando (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – Edmonton Warriors
  • U15 Tier II: Edmonton Strikers (gold), Chinook Borussia (silver), Fort McMurray (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – St Albert Impact
  • U17 Tier II: Drillers (gold), CNS Gunners (silver), Sherwood Park Phoenix (bronze)
    • FairPlay – CNEU Arrows
  • U19 Tier II: WHU (gold), Saints (silver), Airdrie (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – Saints
  • U13 Tier III: Lakeland (gold), St Albert (silver), CNEU Magic (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – TBA
  • U15 Tier III: Lakeland (gold), Foothills (silver), Lethbridge (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – TBA
  • U17 Tier III: DUFC Juventus (gold), SG Saints (silver), DUFC Storm (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – SG Saints
  • U19 Tier III: SWU Rush (gold), Warriors (silver) MUSC Impact (bronze)
    • Booster Juice FairPlay – SWU Rush

For additional information, please visit the Alberta Soccer Competitions site