MS Showcase 7.1 (cropped)

April 10, 2017 – This weekend, over 160 young players, 20 Regional EXCEL (REX) players, and 1 National/Professional player came together for the 2017 Mini Stars Showcase in Edmonton.

The showcase, which was for the 2005/06/07 participants of the Mini Stars Program, featured the Preferred Training Model. It was led by FC Edmonton REX players, Alberta Soccer coaches, and a guest presenter: Nik Ledgerwood.

To the Mini Stars’ delight, Ledgerwood, an FC Edmonton and Men’s National Team player with over 12 year’s experience playing on European soil, led the Sunday morning session.

We were delighted to see a few different generations of Albertan players together under one roof,” said John Clubb, Alberta Soccer’s Grassroots Development Manager, “Not every grassroots player will become a high-performance player, but Nik Ledgerwood is a high-performance player who started out in our Albertan grassroots of soccer – and let’s hope with his support we can inspire future generations.

For more information about grassroots soccer, watch our #thisisgrassroots video