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Travel Sanctioning

For questions and/or concerns regarding Travel Sanctioning, please contact Darron Bunt, 

Anytime a team travels outside of Alberta to compete in a tournament or attend a training camp, they must complete a travel permit application.

Travel permits serve three main purposes:

  • They provide protection to the traveling team. Travel permits are only approved if the tournament is sanctioned by the associated Provincial, State or National Soccer Association. Restricting travel to tournaments not affiliated with a parent body reduces the risk to teams, as they know they are travelling to a real tournament with universal standards.
  • They provide protection to the tournament. By requiring a travel permit, tournament organizers know who will attend their event. Travel permits reduce the risk to tournament organizers ensuring the team and players are properly registered and in good standing with their league.
  • They provide protection to the players. All players and team officials attending a sanctioned event in Alberta are covered under Alberta Soccer’s (ASA) insurance policy. Travel permits extend this coverage beyond Alberta’s borders for the duration of the tournament

Types of Travel Permits

Permits to Tournaments within Canada

Permits to Tournaments within United States

  • Cost: $105.00 plus mandatory Excess Travel Insurance Coverage (please click on Insurance Tab within the Menu on the left for full details)
  • Forms Required: USA Travel Permit Application

Permits to Tournaments Outside of Canada and the United States

  • Cost: $210.00 plus mandatory Excess Travel Insurance Coverage (please click on Insuranct Tab within the Menu on the left for full details)
  • Forms Required: Int’l Travel Permit Application
  • Please note: Travel Permits to tournaments outside of the United States and Canada require approval from the Canadian Soccer Association. The ASA will coordinate with the Canadian Soccer Association on your behalf however, due to the additional step, this permit takes longer to process.

Guest Player Request to travel with Non-Alberta team outside of Alberta (within Canada only)

  • Cost: No Charge
  • Any individual player who is requesting to attend a sanctioned event outside of Alberta on the roster of a non-alberta team must complete the Guest Player Travel Permit Within Canada and submit it to their District Association.

Non-Registered Guest Player within Canada or a Non-Registered Guest Player travelling with Alberta team outside of Canada

  • Cost: $20.00 plus GST if 15+years
  • If you are or have a non-regstered player who would like to compete in a tournament with your team, please complete the New Guest Player Temporary Registration form.  Submission instructions included within form.

Guest Player Request to travel as Individual outside of Canada with a non-Alberta team

Travel Permit Approval Process

It is recommended that all travel permit applications be submitted at least (14) fourteen days prior to departure. Last minute applications can occasionally be accommodated, but are not always possible. Tournaments will not permit a team compete without a signed travel permit application.

All travel permit applications should follow the approval process below:

  • All Required Forms (as above) and fees are submitted by the team or club to the District Association
  • The District will approve the Travel Permit and Roster and then send it to Alberta Soccer
  • Alberta Soccer will approve the permit and send it back to the District
  • If necessary the ASA will obtain permission from the Canadian Soccer Association before returning the approved permit to the District.
  • The ASA will forward all necessary documents to the insurance company for coverage
  • Once processed, the insurance company will send an insurance certificate. These certificates are not necessary for travel, but available upon request from the ASA.
  • The District will send the approved travel documents back to the team or club.

Alberta Soccer Association Pins

Teams who are traveling outside of Alberta may wish to purchase Alberta Soccer Association Pins to hand out to opponents during tournaments. We are selling the pins in sets of 25 for $10.50. To order, simply complete the Pin Order Form and submit form and payment with your travel application. For more information, please click here. If you have any questions regarding ASA Travel Pins, please contact Darron Bunt,