Alberta Soccer Licence C Course at Calgary Soccer center, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jun 9, 2018

(June 25, 2018) Alberta Soccer’s Technical Department has been busy this past month delivering two separate C Licence courses in both Calgary and St. Albert. The course, which takes four days to complete was separated into two weekends to allow greater accessibility for participants.

As with every year, the content of the course was updated to reflect the ever evolving landscape of coach education. This allowed for a high level of interaction amongst the coach participants and instructors. Video and audio recording was also used this year during both the Learning Facilitator sessions and participants mock session which assisted in providing additional resources and feedback to those on the course. This year also incorporated the Women in Sport Leadership project that seeks to attract female coaches who want to pursue leadership roles within their club, district or the province as a learning facilitator, coach evaluator and/or mentor. The coaches who are part of this project were provided with an opportunity to help facilitate the C Licence. For more information on the Women in Sport Leadership project, please click here.

The course consisted of both classroom and on field sessions during both weekends.  “I really like the practical stuff, when we get out onto the field and we get feedback and a chance to try out the things we’ve learned in the classroom. In particular, the feedback we get from the instructors leading the course is extremely valuable given how experienced they are,” commented Paige Stark, a participant from Edmonton.

In total, 61 coaches took part in the C Licence course this year with 31 participants in Calgary and 30 in Edmonton. There were 9 female participants and 52 male participants. Coaches from 11 different districts throughout Alberta participated.

The Instructors of the C Licence course included the following:

  • Randy Bardock
  • Dave Clarke
  • Tino Fusco
  • Liz Jepsen
  • Vikram Kaushal
  • Cam Leverman
  • Jim Loughlin
  • Ian Skitch
  • Jordan Stewart

The Women in Sport Leadership participants who provided facilitation support included:

  • Toks Bakinson
  • Sue Herring
  • Alexandria Mah
  • Kristyn Shapka
  • Gabrielle Tiemstra
  • Alexandra Valerio
  • Cassandra Westerman

For more information on the C Licence, please click here.