Where Do I Start?

I’m currently NOT coaching… what should I do?

If you would like to get involved in coaching because you either have an interest in the game or you want to coach your own son or daughter contact your local soccer association. To find your local soccer association click here.

I am new to coaching and I would like to get some basic information about coaching soccer…

If you are new to coaching and would like to receive some basic coaching education, take a look at our Community Coaching Workshops. 

If you are coaching a U12 or U13 team that will qualify for provincials you need to have completed the Learn to Train workshop. If the team you are coaching is U14 or older and will qualify for provincials, you will need to complete the Soccer for Life workshop.

Note: It is required that one person on the roster has completed the relevant community coaching workshop and the MED online evaluation.

I am currently a club coach and I want to develop an in-depth understanding of coaching methodology

If you are serious about becoming a better coach with an in-depth understanding of coaching methodology, consider the licensing stream. The licensing stream is open to all interested coaches that meet the pre-learning qualifications noted below.

To qualify, a coach must be:

  • actively coaching a team in the Learning to Train, Training to Train or Training to Compete stages of LTPD,
  • have completed the MED online evaluation, and
  • have completed the Making Headway Soccer online workshop.

If you have questions about the licensing stream please email the Coaching Department