The 2020 Alberta Winter Games were held in Airdrie, from February 14-17 ,2020.

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Historically, futsal has been played only at the Arctic Winter Games, which is limited to participants north of the 49th parallel. Alberta’s inclusion in the 2020 Alberta Winter Games expanded winter programming opportunities for players province-wide for the first time, and allowed 100 athletes and  20 coaches to take part in this Provincial multi-sport event.

Important Information

Zone Contacts

Zone Location Name Email Phone
1 Sunny South Robert Cavicchia Email Robert 403.529.6931
2 Big Country Melissa Collinson Email Melissa 403.948.6260
3 Calgary Cory Letendre Email Cory 403.279.8686
4 Parkland Not participating
5 Yellowhead Not participating
6 Edmonton Not participating
7 Northeast Macky Singh Email Macky 403.507.0915
8 Peace Country Christine Donovan Email Christine 780.832.1627
About the Alberta Winter Games 2020

Alberta Games provides a competitive opportunity for province’s best young developing athletes aged 11-17 to compete in a multi-sport Games. Since the first Alberta Games in 1974, thousands of athletes and coaches have celebrated and competed in every part of Alberta, in an effort to reach their full athletic potential.

The Alberta Games also provides many benefits Host communities, their volunteers, and to thousands of Albertans who participate at the local, Zone, and provincial levels.

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